Read about the Author–Who is Carew?

Carew lives life as a series of great tests of the spirit. Born with an adventurer’s heart—a fierce and undying curiosity to see and explore the world—he takes to his challenges as if they were fatefully created just for him. He is determined to be a Renaissance Man in an age that lauds the specialist. As seen by his writings and songs in The Legacy Letters, he is fascinated with the human condition and chronicles it by immersing himself in all its endless variations.

Carew Papritz—A Very Brief Biography

Born in Yosemite National Park.
Son of a ranger. Lives first year in cabin tent.
First TV appearance as “guest star” on Romper Room.
Small-town newspaper boy in Western Washington.
Attends school in England.
Wins U.S. national writing award in 6th grade on the “Earl of Sandwich”.

Writes first fiction book at 16. Agent loves manuscript. Doesn’t get published.
Attends ski school in Norway for junior Olympic cross-country skiers.
“Skied from Norway to war in Lebanon”
Back to Norway to live in cabin in mountains.
Writes on war as freelance journalist.
Works as backcountry ski patrol and mountain guide in Washington.
Attends community college.

Publishes first book at 21. Editorial Cartoon Anthology by the Nation’s Editorial Cartoonists. 100 Watts: The James Watt Memorial Cartoon Collection. Creates nationwide bestseller. Reviews in all major newspapers.
River raft guide in Grand Teton National Park.
Hitch-hikes to Nova Scotia.
Lives in NYC. Leaves NYC.
Publishes second book at 23. Second editorial cartoon anthology, “Reagancomics.”
Another nationwide bestseller. Reviews in all major newspapers. TV/Radio Interviews.
Magically makes his way into Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. Sells over 2500 copies in three days.

Drives tour buses in Alaska.
Accepted to UCLA Film School.
Graduates UCLA Film School.
Works in Hollywood on very “B” movies and music videos. Meets Madonna.
Photographs “LA Riots” as freelance journalist. Gets whacked on head.
Hollywood bartender. Mixes drinks for Bob Dylan and Roseanne Barr’s wedding.
Gets union card and works on very good “A” movies.
Escapes Hollywood (long story).

Works as cowboy on small, remote cattle ranch in Southern Arizona.
Begins writing The Legacy Letters on back of pickup.
Begins writing The Legacy Songs—the music to the book.
Five years later, wrangles woman of his dreams, marries her at the ranch on a hilltop with
bagpiper, and rides off into sunset on horseback (literally).
Edits The Legacy Letters.
Son born.
Finishes The Legacy Letters.
The Legacy Letters becomes bestseller.
Carew smiles and dreams of next adventure . . .