Carew Papritz is shedding light on this new trend by asking the big questions about family, life, love, and legacy.

Following his high school days, back when traveling and road trips started the path for self discovery and adventure, Carew set off on his Gap Year to pursue his dream of being an author.

A key ingredient to Carew’s Gap Year was to follow his passions. He went to Norway and trained with members of the Norwegian Junior Olympic Team because of his goal to become a US Olympic cross-country skier—and he still speaks Norwegian! He undertook an epic journey from Norway to Lebanon to work as a freelance reporter writing about the war in Lebanon. Along the way, he met the Pope in person, fell madly in love at the Trevi fountain, hitch-hiked through Turkey and Syria, and eventually landed in the middle of the Lebanese war. His two months there were profound, as he encountered life and death situations daily. He returned to Norway, living out the rest of the summer in a goat herder’s cabin up in the mountains, writing about the war and tending to the local goats.

Listen here as he talks to Kara Ro about his perspective on the subject.