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Book Review of The Legacy Letters on Maria’s Space

Read a fantastic review of The Legacy Letters by Carew Papritz posted on Maria Gagliano’s blog, Maria’s Space.  Thank you, Maria!

The 411 by Maria:

“What a beautiful story told in letter form by a father who will never meet his children. A tale filled with love, remembrance and a legacy created out of a selfless heart.
A man and his wife split. She is pregnant and doesn’t share it and he is dying and doesn’t share it so he spends his life writing letters his children will open over the course of their life.
The letters are filled with wisdom about life, growing up, becoming a good person, hopes and dreams for the life he wants for them.
I loved everything about this book which made me rethink how I started out. I was journaling letters to my children before they were born. Then I started the blog and only once in a while write about them. I wanted them to really get to know me. Know what I thought, how I felt and what I wanted for them that they could carry long after I was gone. It is time to get back to that.
Readers will love reading the heart of this book. Each letter is overstuffed with a father’s love!” – Maria Gagliano, Maria’s Space


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